When i was study to assistant nurse i needed 2 extra courses to study full time. So i choosed Webdesign and operating system.
I was very happy and asked my teacher that i already knew how to build a webpage in HTML. But the teacher said that he was learning only in html cause he did not have the knowledge to teach me that. So i asked him to start to do the website on my own. He allowed that. After 3 lessons i was ready to show my ”work” for him. He liked it a lot and i was done.

I become a friend with a guy that was helping out when computers wasn’t working, added paper into the printers etc. He showed me Ubuntu (Linux).
After that i choosed to learn more about Linux instead of Windows in the operatingsystem class and i choosed to do all work on a desktop that was laying around at home.
I built up my own webserver and got top ratings from both teachers. I even bought an domain name.

After all that i got an invite from a friend to his teamspeak server. They was renting the server that cost them some money. After that i got an invite to another teamspeak server. They also rented the server.
Cause i had a good connection 100mbit/s download and 100mbit/s upload i started to set up a teamspeak 3 server on my webserver.
The server was created cause i wanted to learn something new in Debian and help friends to save some money cause they was renting a servers.
After that i applied for a ”non profit licence” and got it sinc september 18:th 2012

Now days i use only Debian.